Rundown of my top 5 go to wireless Bluetooth Headphones and Earbuds.

Hi there! First of all, welcome to my blog! You’ve really come to a great place! Well, talking about music stuff and my addiction to it. Geeking out with each headphones and earbuds specs and pros and cons. I know you guys love listing to music, like who doesn’t want to lol, with your favorite speaker or headphones. In this blog, I’ll be going to give my honest quick review of my top 5 go to wireless Bluetooth headphones. Yes, wireless Bluetooth headphones. Because, why not? It,s portable and less annoying, usually plug and play but without cable, lol. Still makes sense, right? 😊 Moreover, I’ll give suggestions and links on where you can buy the music accessories that will be discussed.

Real quick from the top 5 of my favorite wireless headphone.

5. Starting with Urbanears Plattan ADV Wireless Headphones

I would say, if you want to go low-key but with style, this headphone is for you. With its stylish minimalistic plain look, Urbanears did really good on the styling and aesthetics. Even their branding is not printed on the ear cups side. Music quality is good to me. I’m a type of guy who wants a punch on the bass, like real deep. But if you just listen to some light music like tropical house or some genre for going to mall, this product is really for you.

4.Next stop the Apple AirPods

Now don’t be shocked why I put this in here. It’s from my own preferences. You know. What I like the most of this device as a whole is comfortability. Yes, it so easy to use like it pairs so quick with your iPhone, lightning fast. Aside from it, you don’t have to worry about dangled cables or wires, even using in bed is really no hustle. But the downsides of it are, you’ll lose it if you just don’t care or clumsy. Because it’s so small, sometimes it just goes off from my pocket, because I’m too lazy putting it back to its case, and sometimes in bed. Yes for me, so pain in the ass putting it back again to the case. Sound quality, actually pretty similar to the wired one. Workout? Okay. Office, school, bus? Absolutely!

3. Next is Ring Bluetooth Earbuds From Google

Yes! If you never heard of this device from Google before, now you have. I’d say they just made a pretty amazing device. Same as your usual earbuds, but not as the same as AirPods which is actually separated. The earbuds is attached to each other with a cable, which is actually good because the cable just sits still at the back of your neck, making it stable avoiding accidental drop. Music quality is not that near to the AirPods which is more of like a punchy bass. But overall the device is really good. It’s perfect for working out or running. Again, because for me, I think it is also designed for active people.

2. We’ve come now to my 2nd best choice award, lol. The JBL E45BT

When I first saw this headphone, I was really skeptical about how it would perform. And then I realized it is JBL, wow big brand. Another thing that I noticed is that it is so compact, one thing that would sacrifice from quality music to portability. Well in the end I bought it. Tried it and was really surprised, because if what I paid for. It was affordable mid end headphone which is I would say for all seasons. It was really a joy not after I realised something when I’m doing some workout. It seems like it doesn’t hold tight enough to feel secure in your head. I noticed it always comes off my head and it is really annoying to put it back in position from time to time. But that’s the only case that I don’t like. Overall, it was really an awesome gadget.

1.I know what you are thinking right now. Yes it is expensive! My first choice, the Beats Solo 3

I mean, yeah it’s really expensive but you can’t really go wrong with this device. It’ sleek, well known and very popular brand plus heaps of know people are using. To be hones I did not bought this headphone. Well, how the heck did you get that? Chill brah! In my surprise, this thing was just a freebie. I bought a MacBook a couple of months ago and the sales man ask me if I’m a student and then I just said, yeah. He then ask me if I have my ID with me now, and then I just simply showed it. It was paying time and he just grabbed the white solo 3. I was like, “excuse me… I’m not buying those”. He then said, “oh it’s a freebie”. Long story, short. I got the device. Now if you plan to buy a computer, just say that you are a student and they’ll give the device as a freebie. I’m not being bias here because it is free. Honestly, for me the whole package is excellent. It’s vey comfortable, sound quality is great like it suits up my preferences. Holds tight enough in my head and even used it in while hooping. Overall, the device is really great. Of course thinking about the price point and the manufacturer, it is really no doubt  why it is performing well.

So that was my top 5 rundown. Hope I did gave you some ideas on what to buy. And Good luck on your purchase! Cheers!